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About Lone Star Circus

Lone Star Circus® provides circus entertainment and is the performing arm of Lone Star Circus Arts Center, a non-profit, Dallas-based educational organization. Lone Star Circus Arts Center’s purpose is to promote circus arts through training, performance and community outreach.

lone star circus student performs cirque routine woth hoops

Lone Star Circus Arts Center has an educational arm, Lone Star Circus School and a performance arm, Lone Star Circus. Lone Star Circus School provides circus education for children and adults. Lone Star Circus® provides circus entertainment for the community, including corporate and civic events, and for fundraising events for other non-profit organizations. Lone Star Circus Arts Center was incorporated in 2006.


fanny kerwich founder of lone star circus

Fanny Kerwich
Founder and Creative & Executive Artistic Director

Fanny is an eighth generation performer of a well-known French circus family. She is the daughter of Albert Kerwich, a renowned aerialist and circus entrepreneur in Canada. A performer since the age of 6, Fanny attended Annie Fratellini's celebrated National Circus School in Paris and later studied in Moscow under the legendary circus act director, Valentin Gneushev.

Fanny has since performed throughout the United States, Europe, Africa, Russia, Canada, India, South America, and the Caribbean. Among many other prestigious venues, she has been featured at the world-famous Lido and Moulin Rouge in Paris, Circus Roncalli in Germany, Feld Entertainment's Barnum's Kaleidoscape U.S. Tour, and at San Francisco's internationally renowned Teatro ZinZanni. A highly versatile circus performer, Fanny has performed as an acrobat, aerialist, contortionist, and clown. She has also thrilled audiences with her remarkable hula hoop act.

Fanny has taught circus skills at Dallas International School since 2003 and also at Southern Methodist University (S.M.U.). She has taught circus skills and choreographed circus skills for Kitchen Dog Theatre's production of Barbette (2002) and for Stratford High School's production of Barnum (2009). Fanny co-founded Texas's first circus studio, The Expressionists, in Dallas, where she taught circus skills to children and adults. Fanny also created and directed Extravaganza – Le Cirque in 2005 for Dallas Scottish Rite.

In 2006, Fanny founded Lone Star Circus Arts Center where she currently serves as Creative Director of Lone Star Circus® and Lone Star Circus School. For Lone Star Circus®, Fanny created and directed Celebration Le Cirque (2007), Celebration Le Cirque (2008), Cirque Banquista! (2009), and Cirque Banquisté (2011 and 2012). Her newest production, Charivari, debuts in 2013 at Dallas Children's Theater.

Lone Star Circus® represents Fanny's desire to share her deep passion and love for the circus with children and adults in her adopted home state of Texas. Fanny and her husband, Mark Doyle, are the proud parents of their daughter, Gitana, and son, Garrett.


Dominique Jando
Vice-President, Artistic Director

Dominique Jando began his involvement with the performing arts in his native France, when he first stepped into a circus ring as a clown at the legendary Cirque Medrano in Paris. After studying graphic design and film editing, he pursued an artistic and administrative career in both the theater and circus. In 1974, as General Secretary of the Paris Cultural Center, he participated with Alexis Gruss in the creation of France’s first professional circus school, and of Le Cirque à l’Ancienne, which eventually became the French National Circus and is considered the catalyst of the ‘New Circus’ movement.

Dominique moved to New York in 1983, where he joined the Big Apple Circus and served as its Associate Artistic Director for nineteen years. He then worked as Creative Director and Director of the San Francisco School of Circus Arts for Circus Center in San Francisco, from 2003-2004. He is today an independent circus arts consultant, writer, lecturer and producer. He also teaches classic European clowning at San Francisco’s Clown Conservatory, the only professional clown school in the country. A circus and popular entertainment historian, Dominique has published five books and written many articles on these subjects, both in Europe and the US. The Russian translation of his Histoire Mondiale du Cirque is the official circus history textbook of both Moscow’s State Circus School and GITIS theater institute. He is also Editor and Curator of, an online circus encyclopedia project of the Big Apple Circus. Dominique is married to trapeze legend (and now trapeze teacher), Elena Panova.

Board of Directors

Zan Keith, Chair of Board
Mark Doyle
Fanny Kerwich
Kari Bird
Louise Daubois
Dominique Jando
Sheila Kelly
Tracy Kozah
Mike McFadden
Cecil O’Neal
Xarxe Rust-Stanton
Shawn Storey

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